Saturday, November 27, 2010

DDOcast host leaving to work for Turbine

The feel-good news story of the day comes courtesy of the long-running Dungeons and Dragons Online podcast called, crazily enough, DDOcast. Normally a show's cancellation (or in this case, hiatus) isn't cause for celebration, but this particular story has a happy ending since podcast creator and host Jerry Snook is closing up shop to go and work for Turbine in an as-yet unidentified capacity. Snook posts a lengthy farewell on the podcast's website, and he also hints that the show may go on with a new host.

This Friday's show, episode 191, will be the last for the foreseeable future. Snook will also make the show's archives available to interested parties. "I will do my best to have the content available for as long as there is an interest in checking out the show and web site. It is also very possible that DDOcast will return/continue under new leadership," he writes.

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