Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Age of Conan Quest Exploit - Double Rewards

I found this great trick at I can realy recoment this page as it got tons of tricks tips and cheats, exploits, level guides and the first addons/UI customizations for age of conan I have seen on the net.

Tortage Daytime (multi-player setting)

Quest: Den of No Return
Quest Giver: Laranga (gate guard)

Do this quest in a group. When accepting the quest, you have 2 different quest choices: 1) Go straight to the shack and kill the Boss FleshEater or 2) take a sample to the priest who then sends you to the shack to kill it.

Make sure at least one of your group picks the other option from the others. Then share the quest. Your quest log will now have 2 entries of the same quest.

You'll only have to do the quest once, but when you turn it in, you'll get to pick your reward twice and you'll get double XP.

This is a great way to get 2 great lowbie daggers that give +Dex bonus. Good for dual-wielders.

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