Monday, July 21, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Use lvl 80 buffs as low level Necromancer

So yesterday I was doing the arena quest, some level 58 dude apprented me and I buffed myself up, all my buffs were the quallity of level 58 but I was only level 51.

Now this itself looks quite normal, but now, Necromancer have this spell :

Despoil the Soul (Nightfall Tree, Tier 2 or 3, not sure) Anyway, you can get this spell around 20

This spell sacrfices your pet points and gives you magic damage.
Now I am level 51 so I normally get 500 spelldamage of the spell, I let a level 73 apprent me, now I got 822 Spelldamage (WOOT)...

Now you leave the group, and tada! You hold your damage, (buff last 60 min), with this buff your dps is amazing.

Now the real stuff :

You get a level 20 necromancer with the spell, you let a level 80 apprent you, you buff yourself with this buff. And now you are a level 20 with 1000 spelldamage!!(This KEEPS lasting even if you leave the group)

Dark Knowledge and Vile Insight also work! They give you magic rating, this buff lasts forever so you get a level 80, cast it, and you hold this rating forever, untill you rebuff/remove (The buff lasts throught death,so you can practically have it from level 1-80 withouth removing)

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