Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Solo Champion of the Honorguard

Requirements: Necro (and friends), way to clear first room (for solo, need aocbuddy)

1. kill spellguard in a group of mobs: dd him, drop below floor, wait for him to teleport to you. Run to about 20m distance, and dps him. He will teleport to you evey 60 seconds. Repeat rinse. If you're too slow and get hit with his aoe, you may die. Practice makes perfect.

2. shatter minion mobs from inside pillar.

3. wear out high priest (takes quite a while with one aoe dps class due to his repeated heals after he's below 50%).

4. honorguard resets. need to kite him. First clear spellguard and minions from the other side. The two remaining mobs will not aggro you while you kite honorguard from the first group.

Kiting routine (this should be common knowledge, but anyway): summon caster pets. I use Arcanists and/or Archmagus. Send pets on the honorguard.

Pillar in the middle has a cross (+) cross-section. You will run into the wall on the right side of the pillar (or west). When honorguard is at the right side of it, you will start running over the north side, to east (left) side of pillar, and rub into the wall. Wait for honorguard to take his long path around the south (towards the enterance into crypt) to get to west side of pillar where you were. By this time you are already on the east side of it. He repeats his run, you repeat yours. While pets are happily nuking him.

If you're using aocbuddy, permanent sprint helps. Practice a little. It is sometimes tricky to get honorguard into desired path, once there its quite safe.

It is possible to kill high priest this way as well, but he is a bit trickier to get into the right path.

Time to clear the room: approx 2hr solo. Additional dps (w/ aocbuddy) helps.

Pull champion of the honorguard. Kite him the same way around the same pillar. Time to solo him -- approx 1hr. Additional dps helps (aocbuddy not required for additional dps, however, they must not pull aggro).

Pulling champion: if you're too far away from him, he will throw his axe and 1-shot you (and then proceed axing the rest of the raid from any range). Aggro him from about 18m distance (when patrollers are out of the way -- or clear patrollers first). Wait for him to cast a spell, and start running. Run back to the pillar and start kiting, but maintain about 20m distance from him. Perma-sprint helps.

He drops T1 shoulder and boots.

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