Sunday, September 14, 2008

Solo all quests in the arena both solo and group as Necro

I recommend a level 50 necro so you can finish the entire quest line but this works for anyone taking the quest. Kick up the damage and bring anyone who can do ranged attacks. Works great with additional casters who have aoe.

After taking the quest. Walk through the tunnel into the arena and as soon as you enter take a hard right. You will see a gong and the roped off area that lines the arena from within. If you jump along side the wall and over the rope(again between the gong and the wall where you enter the arena from the tunnel) you can jump over the rope and achieve the same basic effect as casting from within a wall. The advantage for you here though is you can ring the gong and start the fight from behind the rope and send your pets it and not be touched as if you were in the wall. You can stand back with others with aoe and rain down dps on the mobs as your pets keep it busy. Whne the mob is dead simply walk through the rope and back to the quest giver to get the quest for the next fight.

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