Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yakhmar the easy way

So we've all fought yakhmar, well now you can fight him without the pain of killing his adds.

  • Whoever creates the raid(or maybe just the raid leader) gets the initial aggro from yakhmar's adds(yearlings).

  • There are a few tunnels near the entrance to yak(the small tunnel leading to the large chamber opening), it's possible to jump into these tunnels and the adds can not reach you and stop moving due to pathing issues.

So here's the exploit, simply get the raid leader to jump into the tunnel and none of the adds will be able to reach him and thus will stop moving due to pathing issues. We had every member of our raid beating down yak while the adds just sat around.

The only problem with this is if the raid leader wants any loot he will have to jump out of the tunnel, he will die and the adds will go after the next person on the aggro list, with the amount of adds that spawn(we had over 100 which was actually a good grind spot if you have sub 80's) this would be a problem. As long as the raid leader in the tunnel does not die the adds will not move. Simply loot the gear and wait until everyone exits or path's out.

Also supposedly Yak is bugged and you can repeat him without the timer, we have yet to figure out how to do this part, this could potentially make countless runs very easy.

Keys points:

  • The tunnels are on the right hand side approaching the large chamber, they are hard to see going down to the chamber but much easier to see coming back from the chamber(which would put them on the left hand side)

  • Raid leader must jump into the tunnel(use the slope) and stay in there, do not stand near the opening of the tunnel as yearlings can still use aoe on you(they all use this randomly no matter were they are).

  • Raid leader can sit and look pretty, while the raid group beats down Yak.

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