Thursday, October 16, 2008

Age of Conan Exploit: Instance/epic farming (with out getting Bound to them)

This really Simple.
  • 1st. Get a raid together(Everyone in the raid must be unbound to whatever instance you are doing)

  • 2nd. Clear the instance, kill the boss. When the epic chest drops NO ONE OPEN.

  • 3rd. Have everyone but the raid leader type /camp. As soon as the 30 secound log out timer starts, CLICK EXIT GAME.(this will close AoC, and make the servers think something has happen and you lost connection to the server.

  • 4th. The raidleader waits for everyones name in the raid turns grey. That means its safe for all to log back in game.

  • 5th. After ppl start logging back in raidleader types /camp relogs. Now everyone should be unbound to the instance, loot the chest. REPEAT over and over. I have done Yakhmak like 17x in one day. Hes is very easy to farm for epic gear.

  • Enjoy Those epics

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