Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Instant Respawn Lvl 50 Mob For Great XP

I'd get on this before its fixed people!

Quest Location:
Settlement of Denog, Eiglophian Mountains
Quest Giver: Rogan
Quest Title: Path of the Raven
Quest Level: I took it at lvl 47

The scoop:
Take this quest, that requires you to take feathers from a Ravens nest. When you walk up to the nest a lvl 50 Ice creature mob named Corvidae spawns and attacks you. DO NOT place feathers. Instead backup 10 feet and walk back towards nest and mob spawns again instantly. At level 48 I was getting just under 1k XP for killing this easy mob. Repeat to your hearts content. This isnt a one minute timer its INSTANT. Great little grind spot.

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