Friday, February 13, 2009

Age of Conan Exploit: unlimited skill points (max out overnight)

Hi guys this is a pritey cool thing i found, takes some time to do but if you want you can draw realy good advantage from this.

    1: Open the skill point page "P"
    2: then you see the text right under "skill point" that says "points to distrubute" Hold down Alt and left click on the name.
    3: then a new box will pop up asking if you want to reset the skill flaggs for 0. hit "yes"
    4: wolla!! you just gott 1 extra skill point. but you cant apply it?
    5: press "p" twice (close then open the page again) and then you can spend it.

No if you try do that again it will not work. now you need somthing that makes the game load a littel. Like Go from kesh to purple lotus. make a point. then go from purple to kesh make a new point and over and over again.....and yes it takes some time to grind up 800 on every skill point Razz

Bonus tip: If you enter epic. then you gott a friend in kesh normal. and his the leader, the system will ask you if you want to shift over to normal instance. before hitting yes goe some. like from the gate down to duel spot/arch. when you hit yes it will load (trying to transfere you over) often it will not manage it and you will be were you started with the same question if you want to change are.

Then you hit yes. make point. hit yes. make point. and over and over. Easy to macro so you can easly let it stay over the night grinding this points Smile

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