Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ahazu-Zhagam Guide

This is a strategy that our guild uses...and is close too 100% successful...hope you find it useful.

Things to know before you begin:
Ahazu-Zhagam does barely any damage on his own, his poison cloud and add's are the key to the encounter.

The poison cloud:
If you stand in the poison cloud you will be afflicted with a stacking DoT that does around 300 a tick, stacking up to 900 if I'm not mistaken.

The adds:
Two adds spawn every minute after the pull, no variance. Your raid should have just enough DPS to kill these and do some DPS to the boss before the next wave.

The key to the encounter is to have your tank slowly backing up to avoid the poison cloud but not at a pace that will cause your raid to run out of room. While the tank slowly moves the raids job is to DPS the add waves as they spawn and get 2-3 combos worth of DPS onto the boss inbetween waves. If dealing with the adds are not a problem ranged DPS can stay on the boss at all times.

Things not to do:-Ripping aggro will destroy your attempt. Green gas will spam everywhere and you're better off to wipe immediately to save time.

  • Moving your tank too slow. You'll notice when hes doing this as he will start to lose HP at a prodigious rate.

  • Moving your tank too fast. You'll run out of room as the mob reaches its last quarter of HP.

  • Try to buff up poison invulnerability and eat the cloud.

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