Thursday, May 28, 2009

Age of Conan the Board Game

Age of Conan the Board Game

Age of Conan the Board Game
By Mads Vangsoe

A short time ago Fantasy Flight Games announced that their long-awaited Age of Conan-board games are now available and should be heading towards the stores at the time of writing. The game has been announced for a good while, and should really be published last year, but that was it not to go.

Now it should be good enough and the long wait for us Age of Conan-geeks is over. The usual superior style by Fantasy Flight Games are played seem to be hyper-stylish produced, including a larger quantity of plastic shapes (over 168 paragraphs!) in the usual superb design and quality.

The basic mechanisms of gameplay was taken from another of Fantasy Flights board game hits, Tolkien-board game War of the Ring, however - It have been modified somewhat. According to Fantasy Flight Games' game designer's blog, where you have been able to follow the game's development, the game mechanics designed to capture the essence of Robert E. Howard stories and give the feeling of Conan universe, while it should include both strategy and adventure.

If we are to believe the (very excited) sneak-peak reviews online, and keep the actually plugs, and the rules should design a really good cocktail, so there is reason to be enthusiastic. I for one am glad as small children at Christmas Eve and can not wait to get their hands on a version of the Age of Conan the board game.

Age of Conan has been created by game designers Francesco Nepitello, Marco Maggi and Roberto Di meglio, and the Italian firm Nexus Games in partnership with Fantasy Flight Games, as the Italians are clearly becoming more than just pizza makers.

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