Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Age of Conan: One Year Later video

Funcom's Glen 'Famine' Swan blogs about Age of Conan's upcoming 1 Year Anniversary, and a great video from CptHeatSink. If you quit Age of Conan early in to the game, then give the video a viewing, you get to see things that have been added since launch, such as new landscapes and new mobs. The video is also not short of epic battles! Makes me want to go play right now.

A latest press release announced today that not has Age of Conan been holding its own after a disappointing end to 2008, but it has also been seeing a rise in player participation. Great news for a game that many yelled would be dead within months after reading financial statements in '08! This rise in activity has rekindled lagging communities and has given a more cheery outlook for Funcom's bottom line just in time for the AoC birthday bash.

Now in May's Letter From the Game Director, Craig Morrison takes a little walk down memory lane and shares a bit about the future of Age of Conan.

    I first heard of the project over five years ago, in the summer of 2004 when, as a freelance editor for IGN, I got to meet some of the folks from Funcom on a press tour in London. They let me in on what their next, then unannounced, project was. That project was Age of Conan, we sat in the hotel bar and talked for hours, (and incidentally was also the first time I saw a prototype demo for what would later become The Secret World!) headed out into Covent Garden and talked some more, and it was that meeting that started the conversations that would eventually lead to me being hired by Funcom later that year. There was a passion for what they did, and for the games they created evident even from those early chats, if the company hadn’t had that aspect and personality to it I doubt I’d be here writing this letter!

    When the game was revealed to the public the following summer I got to do the annual trip around the various conventions and trade shows in my role as community manager. It was really during these shows that I got to see just how much people cared about the license and were passionate about seeing a virtual world based on Conan become a reality. It is still the same buzz I get whenever I get to meet gamers and the players of our games, it is your enthusiasm for what we do that really drives us to do what we do with these games. It is also what keeps us going when the pressure is on, and when we need to remind ourselves why we want something to be enjoyable. The greatest thanks as always goes to you, the players and community around our games, without you there really wouldn’t be much point for me to what we do.

    Lastly being given the responsibility of leading the team responsible for Age of Conan has been the greatest honour. The team here are dedicated and passionate about the game, and while perhaps people get a little tired of me mentioning that again and again when they ask me what its like to work on a project of this scale and profile, I say it because it really is true. So my thanks also go to the team I get to work with each and every day. It is their creativity, effort, imagination and hard work that make the game what it is today.

    Ok, anniversary induced musings on how cool it is to get work on these kind of games done with, what about the updates itself?

Read more on Age of Conan's official website or go to mmOverload for Age of Conan Cheats

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