Saturday, May 2, 2009

Age of Conan Cheat: Easy weapons from Atzels

Me and my guildies were running threw atzels to get me my one handers (Nithing Beheader and Forgehammer).

Nithing beheader (1HE) Drops from the box in the room behind atzel, Forgehammer (1HB) Drops from the box in the room with the locked doors, just before the hall where atzel is (It's the one with a ghost in it).

So we kept going in and out restting it, got one out of 2 hours.
I thought outloud in vent, "There has to be a faster way", my mate said "What if we just leave someone inside the room and then we all just reset it?"

So we did, i stayed in and they went out and reset it. I was going for the forgehammers, i accept the instance change before i went into the doors, so i was pretty much stuck. But then i moused over the wall and i could get to the box!

Anyway, here's how to do it:

Group setup: Demo, Barb (Me), Healer and a tank, we did it with a conq.
  1. Zone in, start pulling mobs/pats in pulls of 2, have the demo Storm Chains one of the mobs and everyone else works on the other mob.
  2. Clear up to the second floor where the locked doors are, go to the right side of the room (Outside of the room) and mouse over it repeatedly until you find the box.
  3. Now you can let the two others go and get ganked in Khesh, or they can stay if they want. Have whoever is left to run outside, drop group and zone back in, then invite you once they are inside, they should be inside their own Atzels Fortress instance and you should get the message: "The system has detected you are not playing in the same instance blah blah blah: Click accept, make sure you are away from respawns and rinse and repeat.

That box drops a 1 handed blunt, Forgehammer. 2 handed blunx, Anvil Strike ( I think ) and Some blue arrows. Not sure of what else drops.

You could also do this with the box the room behind atzel, but it would be difficult as youwould have to fight the boss that spawns.

Also, the boxes respawn every hour, so if your alone you could just wait in the room after you killed the boss and alt tab to watch some movies or what have you, while waiting for the respawn.

Hope this helps some people.

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