Thursday, May 15, 2008

Age of Conan Serverlist for Early Access

The gates to Age of Conan open in just a few days from now and legions of adventurers can hardly wait to set foot on Hyborian soil. Many want to chose their future home (also known as ‘Server’) beforehand and we know the list below has been eagerly awaited.

These servers are the ones that will be available on 17th of May when the Early Access play starts. The servers are scaled to modern industry standards, and will hopefully serve as your home for years to come! During Early Access we will closely monitor the number of players on each server to find out which types are the popular ones. Additional servers will then be made available for launch.

So, without further ado: here are the servers for the Early Access starting 17th of May:

US Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Servers
• Set
• Dagoth
• Zug
• Omm
• Derketo
• Thog
• Wiccana
• Gwahlur (recommended Oceanic)
• Anu

PvP Servers
• Tyranny
• Bane
• Deathwisper
• Bloodspire (recommended Oceanic)
• Doomsayer

RP-PvP Server
• Cimmeria

European English Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Servers
• Crom
• Dagon
• Ymir
• Bori
• Astoreth

PvP Servers
• Fury
• Wildsoul

RP-PvP Server
• Aquilonia

French Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Server
• Ishtar

PvP Server
• Ferox

RP-PvP Server
• Stygia

German Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Servers
• Mitra
• Asura

PvP Server
• Aries

RP-PvP Server
• Asgard

Spanish Server (Early Access 17th of May)

• Zingara (PvE)

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