Saturday, June 21, 2008

AoC Guide: How to increase your dps by 50% as Dark Templar

Combos, combos, combos

A lot of people are complaining about dps and I've found most are using standard swings. The trick here is to look at your combat log and figure out what combos give you the most follow up attacks as well as the most damage per extra attack. It doesn't help that the tool tips are wrong.

  • Take the combo with the most total damage adding the extra attacks

  • Always use a combo to attack until out of stamina

  • Buff up your stamina and stamina regen you will need it

  • Use your health for stamina skill constantly

  • Combos are the only way to get fatalities (instant kills) I really think fatalities will buff you more than life tap does over all.

  • If possible select direction of combos if 3 shields up.

  • Open with charge then Blood for Aid

- Short version Attack order

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