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Power-leveling To 80 guide

First thing to do is go to the link in this post and save the pic to your HD, you will need it often. If you are solo this is going to make you cry, so you will need to be in a guild or group to use this to the fullest extent. Since I am on a PvP server, I will write this from a PvP perspective, if you are on a PvE server, this will be a cakewalk.

The image is a pic of AOC’s level 70-80 adventure area. The general rule of thumb is that a group of six players should be hunting mobs three levels above the highest player, this includes if there is only one high level player and the rest of the group members are app’ed. (Apprenticed) This assumes that you are NOT in a pug and that all six players are of at least “average” skill. At least one healer type is critical to use this; however this is only to have zero downtime.

The Blue circle is your level 70-71 area of mobs. I would avoid this if possible since some of the humanoids have stun, and maybe a knock back or two. This area should only be used if you are a level 70 and have all five members of your group app’ed to 69.

The Red circle is your level 72-74 area of mobs. This is a prime grinding area; there are no mobs with any special abilities, only scorps and hyena’s.

The Green circle is your level 74-76 area of mobs. Not too much food here to hunt and at most should just be used for one level to get your highest group member to 75.

It is important to note current bugs. If you are the highest level character in the group, lets say 75, and you app the five other group members, it is important to tell them of these bugs or your group will be gimped. After you app the members, they MUST recast all buffs, some healers even have had to recast twice just to get the buffs to stick. After a group member attains a new level they MUST drop the app. (DO NOT re-app them before they drop the current app, as it is bugged and will not stick) After they drop the app, and you re-app them, they might still complain that they cannot damage the mobs. This is normal as sometimes it takes five minutes or so for the apps to be recognized by the server. If after five minutes they still cannot damage the mobs have them drop the app again and re-app them.

Now for the sweet AND sour news. First the bad: On a PvP server the four black circles are defended extremely aggressively by guilds that already know of this info. The Black circles are your 78-80 mobs. It does not matter if you are KOS or not, if you attempt to enter one of these zones when there is already a group there, you will be warned and then pk’ed if you do not leave. Even if you grab one of these spots first, and another group comes along, you may still be wiped and told too leave.

What is the big deal? The sweet news? You get between 10,000 and 15,000 exp a MINUTE at these areas. We measured this with me at 76 and the rest of the group app’ed to 75. (Of course they get capped exp for their level anyway) In an eight hour span our level 50’s went up to level 56.(I went from 76 to 78) From level 79 to 80 you need 2.9 million exp, if you have the prime spot,(spot C) you can do this within 3 hours.

The spots:

Best spot is spot C, this has the 78-80’s and in the area they spawn fast enough to do non-stop action. This is normally camped almost 24/7.

Second best is B, this also has 78-80’s, however there are only five “camps” of mobs and you can actually run out of mobs to kill. If this happens you will need to wait 60 – 180 seconds until they start to respawn. (There is a short-cut to get here from spot A)

Third spot is actually kind of a tie; spot D has level 78-80’s. (ALL of the mobs are level 80 way in the back area toward the north) The problem here is that they are spread out, and after one camp of mobs you have to run between 15 and 30 seconds to the next closest camp of mobs. (Most camps are on the main road that runs through the place) Spot A has constant spawns in a VERY small area, (Running from camp to camp takes less then 5 seconds) however they are only level 77-78 with a few 79’s. Since I am 79 the exp in a group of six killing these almost makes me cry. (LOL)

To make this work you must non-stop chain pull.(this is why you need a healer) As the “puller” in my group I fight until the last mob has about 30% of it’s HP, I then run or charge the next group. This is normally not a problem, however if you have any “weak” players it will slow you down, also if you have a “weak” healer you may have a death or two.(“Weak” as in skill not as in level since all are app’ed anyway) Although you can app any level, I do not accept players less then level 50. This is because I do not want a healer lower then 50, as they do NOT get level 70+ heals when they app.

In my opinion this will be changed sometime in the future, leveling from 50 to 80 in a week or two causes serious game issues. Consider this a "use it or lose it" strat as it may be changed.

Edit: We have meausred the exp per minute and the best before the black circles is inside of "East Ruins".(This is marked on your map in game by a green circle.) However this is now also becoming a spot that is getting heavy PvP for control. The reason this area is so good is because of the camps and their short respawn tims. Mobs here are 74-76 and should be hunted by a full group app'ed to 72-73.

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