Friday, August 1, 2008

Guide to Age of Conan Combos

recently i ran into a new player in AOC who had left the island of tortage with out properly learning the combo system of combat. This person was about to leave the game because it was so hard to level or even kill mobs. Most gamers theses days think they know automatically how to play. but years in SWG or WOW will not prepare you for the combat system in AOC. it is vastly different. most load the game with out even looking at the book, then go WTF!, when things don't happen just like the in guild wars, and thus the game is ether lame, broken, or just to friggin hard to grasp.

i for one did the digy early download, and had no book. but i had done research beforehand and had an idea of what to expect.
there are vid's from funcom where they try and tell you what the deal is, but most don't watch those vid's and just go straight for the topless vids and uber beheading fatality movies. besides, anything from the dev's will suck right? so why bother to even look at them?

I am a player, and not connected to funcom in any way shape or form. i really have nothing to gain from doing this, but i just hate to see player get frustrated and quit early because they did not know what to do, be it from getting the game from a friends buddy pass code, or just not even bothering to read the manual. i just want to help put a smile on your face when your bear shaman rips off his enemy's head with his bare hands.

ahh, the good things in life...

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