Saturday, August 16, 2008

Necro pet exploits

This exploit is most useful for grinding/loot/quests. It enables a Necro to kill nearly any mob in the game solo.

What do you need?
-A Necro with pets (the more the better).

Step by step process:
1.Find a mob you wish to kill.
2.Locate a spot the mob cannot get to (water, cliffs, rocks, walls, basically anything you can get to that the enemy cannot)
3.Send your pets to attack. Naturally the enemy will begin evading, but since your pets do constant damage they will reinitate the attack after the evading and kill them (sometimes the enemies will not evade at all).

Typically this works out without the enemies attacking you or your pets. The best possible senario is to initiate the attack yourself then move into position and throw the pets on. If you're in a spot where you can cast spells you can make the fight go faster (water makes it impossible to cast so the pets will have to do all the work).

This has been tested on high lvl and epic mobs. Careful going too high though as I've noticed if you go around 8 lvls higher the pets will only do like 1dmg per hit. I have not tested this on raid mobs yet, but I am sure it will work so long as you can find a spot the mob cannot path to.

As you run around zones keep an eye out for mountains, walls, water, ect.

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