Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Age of Conan Hints and Tips

Entering the world of Hyboria can sometimes be confusing and many players could use a few tips to get them started. To aid in the learning curve Funcom added some useful tips on the loading screen for players to read as they load into the game. However, there are many of these tips and you can never be sure if you will get the same one or a new one, so Ten Ton Hammer has put together a nice collection of these tips to aid you in your journey through Hyboria.

  • Press "I" to view your inventory

  • Loading tips can contain useful information on gameplay.

  • Hit Backspace to toggle between run and walk

  • "Shift R" toggles between weapon sets.

  • Holding "CTRL" displays your shields and using the "Direction Arrows" shifts their distribution.

  • Combos do more damage than normal attacks.

  • Press "U" to activate usable items in the world.

  • "ALT + Z" toggles the GUI on and off.

  • Press "F11" to take a screenshot

  • Remember to train your feats after gaining a new level.

  • Double-click a Quest Goal on your map to make it your active quest.

  • Hold alt to swap to alternate hotbar.

  • When clicking Tabs for Inventory, Character, etc., hold "CTRL" to only open the left side or "ALT" for the right side.

  • Drag and drop items into the chat to create a link for others to see.

  • Toggle between walk mode and jog mode by pressing backspace.

  • "Shift-Click" bags to loot all items.

  • Double tap a movement direction while in combat to make your character dodge in that direction.

  • "Shift L" to lock in your shortcut bar so you don't drag them off when you least want to.

  • Holding down your right mouse button and pressing the left one will make your character move forward.

  • You can switch playfield instances by clicking the gold down-arrow above your minimap. Check if you and your friends are in the same instance.

  • Pressing "ESC" will bring up the options window.

These tips and hints can prove useful during your time in Hyboria. Mark them and use them well as they can save you time and in some cases your avatar's life.

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