Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Age of Conan exploit: Max XP from power leveling

This is how i do this, im sure there are other ways that work just as good.

Things you need are:
  • 1 lvl 80 necro(can only be one 80 in the group/raid)

  • Group or a raid

  • A little time

  • A good spot to power lvl(DMC/East Ruins)

After you got you group/raid together head to your favorite plvln spot. Have the necro run get the biggest mob he can handle.

The idea is to get as many npcs/critters agro'ed to the lvl 80(Uses a AOE) then someone kicks the lvl 80 out of the group/raid BEFORE HE KILLS THE MOB. Once that is done everyone still in the group/raid will get the maxium amout of XP possable.

If you did this in like Onyx you can get like 6k-8k xp a kill
Dmc depending on what part and what lvls the toons are that you are power lvling ranges from 1.5k-4k a kill

Went from 50-60 in a few hours.

Age of Conan Cheats

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