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Age of Conan Cheats: More on water running, attacking, steathing, casting

There are two methods of doing this. One is foolproof, but requires an NPC by water you can swim in, and the other method you can do anywhere, but is a little trickier (until you get the hang of it)

Side note: to other players, you are seen not running in water, but swimming in water. Except, really really fast and abnormally quick.

Foolproof method:
  • Be swimming in water near an NPC

  • Target the NPC and be somewhat close enough to where you'd be able to use your action key (not double click!) to speak to the NPC.

  • Jump in the water, and as your UI enables itself (i.e., you are in the air), press your action key (default 'u'). You will go into dialogue with the NPC.

  • Say goodbye.

  • Enjoy walking on water until you walk back on land or you try to jump (both disable the ability).

More convenient, trickier method:
1-Be on land, but in the water deep enough so that if you attacked (which moves you forward), you'd start 'swimming.'
2-Go into your inventory and make sure you have NO WEAPONS EQUIPPED. Not even an offhand. Be empty handed, so when you attack, you punch (crucial, and I'll explain why later).
3-w, preferably with hotkeys, press attack (any direction), and then almost instantaneously (but not quite) hold your hotkey for "Hide." Your character will jab quickly with his/her fists as he/she moves forward past the point where he/she'd normally be swimming. Note: even though you hit the "Hide" key, you shouldn't go into stealth even when this trick works. To know if it worked, your skillbar won't disable like it normally would when swimming in water. If you suddenly see your skill bar go grey, backstep and try it again until it doesn't. Then try running into the water. You'll be able to walk on it now, until you actually walk on land (and then the game realizes it's made a mistake

The reason why you have to be unequipped, I've come to reason, is that the game just doesn't think as much when you are. The attack is faster, it's not 'unsheathing' anything in the game code. Just, for some reason, that extra split moment where it pulls out a weapon and swings it slower than a fist jab, just stops the exploit from working.

Age of Conan Cheats

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