Sunday, May 31, 2009

ToS Exploit!, Massive AOE damage, Take out bosses easy!

You Must be 50+ to get the quest, and 60 to have the spec required to use it fully.

Ok theirs a quest giver in ymirs pass named Daolric(or something close), he gives a quest to catch a rabbit, and gives you a rabbit trap. The trap spawns basically a pet which acts as a player, it responds to storm crown ability and many others. You can spawn unlimited amounts.

Dont finish the quest, just keep the trap, at 60 you can spec into TloS, or triumphant life of set, in the Thunder tree, which heals all team mates and ads pulsing AOE damage for each it heals. Spawn a ###### load of the traps, and do it up with the abilities mentioned and you can easily level, and put out so much xp that it is possible to solo some instance bosses(I was able to solo most of the Sewers under Tarantia, netting me some great items and amazing xp)

Unfortunately it only works for ToS, but if you group with a buddy, perhaps even another healer, you can level friends and yourself very quickly.

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