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AoC Beta Questions: Classes and Races

I have heard healers are useless, how useful are they?
I couldn't disagree more about healers in the group. Team up bear shaman and barbarian and you got one mean machine. On top of that, taking group mobs (equivalent to WoW's elite mobs - actually tougher than elites) is practically impossible w/out healers. A healer and a canqueror can take on group mob, while 3 conquerors would probably die trying. Besides, healers do pretty good dmg.

Truth be told, I couldn't disagree more about healers being useless/uncompetative in PVP. Even 1vs1 battles.

What class would you recommend for the solo player?
Solo, it doesn't get much better than Guardian (sword + shield at least) and Bear Shaman, I love both of these classes and they do super well solo and are excellent additions to team. If I have to pick one, I would say Bear Shaman was overly more fun to play solo, but Guardian is still my #1 choice as I find it more durable and reliable. Another class that does very well in pve solo is ranger, HoX is not bad as well from what I hear.

What are the run speeds are there any way of modifying them?
All classes/races move equally fast. There are different modes which determine how fast you move: Walk, Jog, Sprint, in-combat, on mount. As far as I know nobody has any movement adventages over anybody else.

Wich is the best ranged class for pvp? Why?
I read that rangers are the best ranged dmg dealers, prob the best ranged pvp class.

What is the most common class?
As for right now, General Beta.
Assassins and Rangers are the most common, i would say.

Are there any differences between races regarding stats?
No difference at all, stats vary by the class/archetype not race.

Which class has the highest run speed?
All classes run equally fast (rogues sneak faster however)


I want to play a Bear Shaman is it a good choice?
Yup, I love Bear Shamans, very fun to play...unlike *cough* Barbarians.

Since you like Bear Shaman so much, what appeals to you the most out of it? PVP, PVE solo, PVE grp, etc?
Survivability. I simply love Bear Shamans, and this comes from a person that never plays healers and always play tanks. I guess because I play tanks mostly, that's why I like Bear Shamans, they can take the beating too, thanks to their heals of course. But there is so much more to BS. They do pretty good dmg too, not to mention wear med armor. They play real well on teams. I can't even put my finger on what exactly it is, but I've had a blast playing Bear Shaman. It's easy to solo with the class and everybody welcomes you to groups, tho don't expect that you can tank for a group.


From what you have seen/played/read on the forums, how is the Ranger in both PVP/PVE?
Overpowered in PVP at the moment, and I think they will always be an issue when it comes to PVP because of the world design. They will either nerf them too much to the point of useless or they will be overpowered. I would honestly be surprised if they get Rangers balanced enough for PVP few months into launch. In PVE they do just fine it seems and they work really well with a tank. Tank stands slightly in front of the ranger and waits for the mob to come at ranger so the tanker can finish him off (if the mob makes it that far lol).

3.3 HoX

From what you have seen/played/read on the forums, how is the HoX in both PVP/PVE?
Not too informed about this class, but I haven't noticed/heard/read anything unusual about them.

How do HoX play?
I can tell you that HoX is pretty popular and they should be pretty worth it. Demon form lasts for about 20 secs now, and I think recharge timer is 2 minutes. Can't tell you much more, expect that they are pretty damn fun to play, at least at lower lvls.

How well does HoX compare to melee classes?
I don't know how to compare this, but I'll say HOX is capable class.


How well do Dark Templars perform pvp / pve wise?
They need some work in PVE, some of their buffs and debuffs are pretty lame and useless, from what I read on the forums. Can't really comment on about when it comes to DT specifically.


Is the guardian a good class choice?
Guardian is my bread and butter class. I LOVE IT. My favorite. It's so good that......errr, I'll stop. But yeah, really guardian is really well rounded class, and probably the most complete class in the game at the moment. Keep in mind that I tend to favor tank-type of classes, I've always played one, and Guardian absolutely delivers.

Are guardians viable in pvp?
Yeah I think we will be very viable in PVP, especially against high DPS melee classes, and especially the ones that hit fast (because of our counterstrike combo that deal dmg to enemy that hits you).


How does the Barbarian play?
In all honesty, I hate the class, it's by far the most annoying class that I've played. Once I got so frustrated with the class that I uninstalled the game for a while. Now, don't get me wrong, there might nothing be wrong with the class, it simply didn't fit my gameplay style. It's the worst solo class that I've played, and I'll go as far as saying that it's probably in top 3 "worst solo class list" in the game. Generally, if you are trying to progress like a normal person, doing your lvl quests and your lvl mobs, you'll probably spend more than 50% of your time doing the following:
1 - running from rez shrine back to the camp/quest area
2 - running from the mobs so you don't have to run from the rez shrine
3 - waiting around to get lucky so you can pull/kite-away single mob
4 - resting after each fight

THIS is NOT bullshit, trust me. Barb simply can't handle multiple mobs, 2 vs 1 is 50/50 chance, 3 vs 1 is guaranteed tombstone for Barbarian. Now, with that in mind, most of the camps are set up in a way that AT LEAST 2 mobs are standing together, usually more, not to mention patrols, so you get my point, Barb is not very solo friendly class.

Of course, you team Barb up with the priest and off you go, you are playing entirely different game. Once me, as a Barb lvl 26, and Bear Shaman, lvl 32, took upon lvl 30 "group" mobs. Now, group mobs are REALLY REALLY tough, think WOW elites x3 or x4 (it is probably impossible for ANY ONE class to take out group mob of their level on their own).

Barbarians good solo?
Yes I've played a Barb to 30+, and I've posted about this few times before in detail. In short, Barbarians suck at soloing, they are one of the worst solo classes in the game.


How do assassins play?
Sorry I don't know, I never reached "Assassin" stage (20+), I played assassin but under level 20, where all rogues are pretty much the same, and from the looks of it, it seemed even more fragile than barb when it comes to multiple mobs, given the class was very very unfinished when I played it. That said, in 1vs1 encounters, assassins will be kings.

Can Assassins solo well?
The answer is BIG NO, Assassins can't solo well, at least in PVE. As the matter of fact they suck at soloing in PVE. Perhaps they can do well in PVP because of their stealth, picking on clothed classes and killing them fast 1on1.


How is the conqueror class?
An OK all around class, I don't like their abilities though, there is nothing special about them. It's something between Barb and Guardian in many aspects.

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